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Tigers is a modern organization and a top digital marketing agency built on a culture of values since 2015. A focus on growth, accountability, pursuit of operational excellence and transparency are our guideposts in ensuring high customer satisfaction.

We set the standard
in digital marketing







Social Media

We step into your customers' shoes, so we build communications that will make your business a love brand.

  • running SM channels
  • strategy
  • influencer marketing
Efficient operation and professional
and flexible approach are the areas I value most in cooperation with Tigers specialists.
Catherine Kaminska
Director of B2B communications and promotions at Wirtualna Polska Media


Your result is our goal. We work in weekly sprints, so you always know what we're doing for you and why.

  • Social Ads & Google Ads
  • e-commerce and lead generation
  • analytics
To say that they distribute
advertising is definitely not enough,
they primarily
create communications,
that respond to the needs of the brand's customers.
Michael Ivan
Marketing Manager


At the trainings, we share everything, even with our direct competitors - we set the standard in digital.

  • open trainings
  • dedicated trainings
  • speeches
The training courses available
at Tigers provide
me with what I am always
looking for, which is
a sufficiently high
level of factual input,
in which there is no "pouring water", and there is concrete.
Mariusz Poeć
Head of Casting-studio.com

Together on the trail of digital marketing

And this is how our customers rate us:

/ 5,0

We are very satisfied with our cooperation with Tigers agency. Their unparalleled skills in the area of Google Ads translate into effective campaign optimization, increasing visibility....

Anna M. Emiljan

Efficient operation and a professional and flexible approach are the areas I value most in working with Tigers specialists.

WP Media Advertising Bureau
Catherine Kaminska

Great organization of the whole process - a concrete and competent team, well asked questions to understand our business, our needs and well prepared strategy.

Owner of MyAlpaca
Magdalena Kot-Kyriazis

The course of cooperation I assess as exemplary, the entire team on the Tigers side was committed 100%. Of course, I would and do recommend Tigers to friends.

Managing Director of BeActive
Adrianna Kosmalska

Since the creation of OknoPlus' profile on Instagram, the company has begun to be visible on this communication channel, reaching its core target audience of product and competitors.

Director of Sales and Marketing for OknoPlus
Dawid Mickiewicz

It is a pleasure to work with Tigers! They are fast, efficient and always ready to help, which guarantees prompt and quality service!

Brand Manager Oferteo
Martyna Głowińska-Gryglewska

Tigers go out into the city!

We want to be closer to what's going on in the city, engage more strongly, respond even faster, and effectively support customers by drawing on our experience in digital marketing.

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Team Tigers

During the 5 stages of recruitment, we find real Tigers - people who are highly motivated and hungry for development.

We don't believe in external sources of motivation, because true passion and commitment come straight from the heart.
We trust each other and inspire trust in others. This is such a rare phenomenon these days that outsiders sometimes call us a cult.
Meet team tigers
Francis Basil Georgiev
Founder, Tigers
I believe in a community of interest, which is why 100% of the team is paid on a participatory basis with a large bonus component on the successes achieved for our clients.
Karolina Kawska
CXO Tigers
We will be a dream workplace for the people who make up the organization and an unmatched model in the agency market for a business partner.
Francis Basil Georgiev
Founder, Tigers
When you work with TIGERS, you can count on a predictable process and full commitment. It doesn't matter if you're operating with thousands or millions in your budget - we respect your every penny.
Karolina Kawska
CXO Tigers
I believe that one of my primary responsibilities is to motivate others to achieve the organization's goals on the one hand, and their own expectations and ambitions on the other.
Karolina Kawska
CXO Tigers
What gives me energy in the morning is crushing another "can't". Well, it is possible: to achieve results in a radically transparent way, to combine creativity and sprouting, to invest in people.

Idea #TigersUnited

Much more than just an agency.



meets on the most active Facebook group about social media marketing in Poland and at local meetings in a dozen different cities. Diverse and interesting community leaders help with projects for our clients and also speak at our virtual conferences.

Business partners

from giants such as Facebook to smaller companies fascinated by digital marketing, intersect within an infinite number of connections within our community.


They perform side by side with us at conferences and enjoy the support and affection of our community. They conduct market research among it, receive invaluable feedback, but also visit Tiger meetings and participate in the training sessions we organize.


has consistently blazed a marketing trail for members of the tiger community. We have built our strength on knowledge sharing, and for the past 7 years of our agency's existence, this has invariably been the core of our DNA.

Describe your challenge to us,
we will find a way.

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Tigers Limited Liability Company is implementing the Polish Bridges of Technology Project co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund under Priority Axis III Support for Innovation in Enterprises, Measure: 3.3 Support for Promotion and Internationalization of Innovative Enterprises of the Operational Program Intelligent Development 2014-2020. PMT will be implemented in 2018-2023. The aim of the project is to introduce an offer for comprehensive implementation of advertising and sales campaigns in electronic media until 26.04.2024 to the Singapore market, resulting in the development of an expansion strategy and its implementation within the foreign stage. As a result of the project implementation, export sales of products offered by Tigers Limited Liability Company on the target market will be initiated. Total value of the project: PLN 180,000. EU funding for the project: 180,000 PLN